Astrological Sign Libra  …Birthstone Opal

Libra is the sign of the scales and balance is the main focus for people born under this sign. They like harmony and will strive to have this in their lives. Most Librans are easy going, very likeable people as they do not normally like conflict. However, deep inside, they can be indecisive and unsure- thereby creating the need for balance within. The Libran characteristic of being able to see all sides of a problem can be frustrating when they remain impartial in discussions, or it can be an advantage when insight is required. Opal is a wonderful crystal that is associated with this sign due to its ability to display the full colour spectrum. It will help the seeker “see” all sides of a situation and embrace the spiritual reasoning behind any experience.  The Australian Aborigines have a legend in which the creator came down to earth on a rainbow to bring the message of peace to all mankind. At the place where his feet touched the ground, the rocks mixed with the rainbow and turned into opals.


October: Balance and Harmony

Eclogite: The path of least resistance

 My first thoughts when sensing the energy of this crystal were “Strength and stamina come through the path of least resistance”.
This stunning crystal is a must for all those Spiritual people who have difficulty marrying the material and spiritual worlds together. Eclogite embraces heaven and earth (spiritual and materialistic) energies by fortifying and strengthening your resolve to follow your heart whilst relaxing into the materialistic world. It promotes a deep sense of trust and love and works exceptionally well on the heart and base chakras. It contains the perfect combination of complimentary colours to create balance and will help you to recognise that what you think and feel becomes manifest in the material world. The two worlds are not separate but joined together by your energetic signature and if you choose to change the way you think and feel you will change your material world.  This is another crystal that I absolutely fell in love with because it is gentle and kind but strong and stable too. A must for you to try!!

Vanadanite: Firing up Ambition

Whilst holding and observing any reactions I had to the energies of vanadanite my attention was immediately drawn to my sacral area. This seemingly “sugar coated” stone, in my opinion, does exactly that, it brings sweetness into your life. The cubic growth pattern of vibrant red crystals will develop organization, movement and passion within your field of energy. It stimulates and moves energy flow through promoting a love of life. I hold it whilst working on any in depth project to eliminate lethargy and help me stay connected to the genuine love I have for the work that I do. It raises an excitement within the lower chakras which is connected to possibilities of things to come. Vanadanite contains the perfect combination of Earth and fire energy to make this a great crystal to raise the libido, improve the sex drive and fire up ambition. The earth element possesses the organisational energy required to manifest any goals, creating a perfect blend for success in any venture.

Afghanite: Spiritual Warrior

As its name suggests this crystal comes from Afghanistan and when I hold crystals I know that I am experiencing the energy linked to the places where they grow. The energy of this peaceful warrior is simply Divine, it is calm, serene, loving and nurturing- not the energies that I associate with the impression given by the media of Afghanistan.  I then began to realise that I must not be influenced by my impressionable mind but listen to the wisdom of the crystals (the earth) and the messages that they bring to us in the form of feelings, sensations and knowing’s that arise within us. Wisdom is gained from our own unique inner truths. Forming assumptions and belief patterns based on other people’s impressions can create unease for us and not present the whole truth. To maintain good health and be at ease with life we must learn to stay connected to our own truth by remaining focussed on love and keep the mind present in the here and now. Afghanite is a powerful spiritual stone with a strong message; it teaches us how to live together harmoniously and peacefully.

Pyrite and Hematite mixed: Powerful Union

Spiritual reasoning and intelligence are attained from working with this powerful duo. Hematite helps you to get in touch with your deepest desires and know what you would like to manifest during this incarnation, which is your spiritual journey. Pyrite, a stone of authority, will provide the confidence and self-worth that you need to achieve it. When you prioritise other people’s opinions over your own you lose your power to them, you give them precedence over your life actions and decisions. Pyrite balances your solar plexus chakra to enable you to stay true to yourself, to become confident of who you are and what you want out of life (intelligence). This combination of energies creates a real power house for those who want to aim high in life and achieve their goals.

Macedonian white/green opal:  Purer thought frequencies

I was fortunate enough to be able to connect to a beautiful specimen of white/green opal. Along with all of the attributes previously mentioned about Opal, this almost transparent piece of earth brought to me a feeling of space and openness. It affected my crown chakra by opening my awareness to the vastness of the Universe and the brilliant white light that can be seen through the darkness of space. Its message to me was to relax my mind into the void of nothingness which I did, and then my inner eye was penetrated by an almost blinding white light. I knew this light to be wisdom that was being brought into my mind, purifying and cleansing lower thought patterns that were hindering the movement of my awareness into the gentler, more loving vibrations that are attainable now here on earth. This crystal left me with a headache which is quite normal when adjusting the lower frequency pathways of thought synapses through the brain waves to the gentler purer levels of thought. It works well on brain problems and is advantageous for those who have a tendency to see things negatively.

Menilite: Astral Travel

Menilite is a smooth earth stone that can take you back to the cosseted time in your mother’s womb. It promotes a strong feeling of being safe and protected that some might not feel whilst working with crystals and “unseen” energies or just in this fast pace of life we live in today. Menilite can also initiate astral travelling either during meditation or in the sleep state. I placed mine under my pillow to enhance my dreams, which it did with major awareness. Enhancing dreams helps the seeker to connect to the subconscious mind and get to know what’s below the surface so to speak. Often when people are not at ease with life they don’t know why because they have never experienced it during their life. Travelling into the subconscious mind can shed light onto the unease and aid recognition of how to create a harmonious state of being.

Leopard skin Jasper: Change and transformation

This is a nurturing crystal that will promote relaxation during periods of change. When circumstances change it can be quite a challenge dealing with any aftermath and all that is new in life. It reminds us that change is a necessary part of growth which enables new experiences in life and produces the full spectrum of events and situations required to help the soul to grow.  However as humans we tend to be creatures of habit and change can be quite unsettling and daunting. Leopard skin Jasper has a stable energy which will reassure and comfort those going through any form of change or transition to a new life. It is also a very good ally to produce healthy new cell growth thereby aiding recovery from illness and surgery.