Astrological Sign Scorpio  …Birthstone Topaz

Those born under the influence of Scorpio will be focussed and almost impossible to deter from their chosen path. They are dedicated and thorough; therefore when they have decided upon something there really is no stopping them. Scorpios are also brave, mature, balanced and very interesting to be around. If something needs tackling head on call on a Scorpio - their intuition will guide them and they will undoubtedly succeed! Trustworthy and faithful, they will stand by those they love and offer support and encouragement to those who need it. Golden topaz is the crystal version of these traits and is attributed as the birthstone for Scorpio due to its ability to awaken these strengths within you when you call upon its energy. Golden topaz will bring to your attention anything that is preventing you from succeeding in whatever endeavour you pursue. A very positive, powerful energy that is sharp, focussed and undeterred

November: Focus and deliverance

Spirit Quartz: Eternal being        

Inside each and every one of us is a spirit which communicates to us through feelings, gut instinct and “ knowings”. When you are connected to this powerful energy or spirit it can inspire spontaneity, awaken realisations and make dramatic changes in the course of one’s life. Many unpredicted, unexpected happenings occur in life due to this inner feeling stirring an impulse to react, often in a manner that can be foreign to our everyday personality. Some people allow spirit to guide them through life acknowledging that spirit  is the eternal part of our being and is in fact more “real”  than the happenings in what is more commonly referred to as “ the real world”. Spirit quartz awakens this spirit within and calls it into the conscious part of our awareness so we can connect to the eternal part of our being. When you choose to align your heart with your spirit you manifest your higher self and all of the benefits of living a life true to yourself.

the last therefore nothing will ever be repeated, each moment, each experience, each feeling.

Pyrite: Wear your crown with pride

“Each and every one of us is totally and utterly unique and as such we should wear our crown with pride,” is the message from Pyrite. I just love the solid confidence that is gained from connecting to pyrite; it reminds us just how perfect life is and that we all have a part to play in this wonderful world. Insecurities just dissolve away as pyrite infuses a realisation that nature never replicates anything, every new growth pattern has a slight variation to we have is unique to this very moment, so embrace it and savour it. When connecting to pyrite you may stand a little taller, hold your head up a little higher and feel a solid connection and pride to own who you really are. This crystal is great for anyone who has authority issues and is your best friend when going for an interview or needing a dose of confidence.

Spanish Aragonite: Go with the flow

Whilst holding this crystal my awareness was taken to my sacral area and although the crystal displays cubes in its growth pattern, which would suggest stability, I could actually feel energy moving down my legs. It relaxed and released tension in the lower part of my body and promoted a flowing sensation, a deep letting go, which would be ideal for anyone who has a trapped nerve, backache, constipation or leg problems. When placed on the heart, I noticed a flowing of emotions surface and on the third eye a release of mental activity.  I realised that as the energy started to flow, ideas and inspirations started to surface and the square or solid aspect of this crystal was the manifestation of ideas. This is a fabulous crystal for any artists, writers or musicians who may experience a block in their creativity and the perfect ally for those who are plagued by over achieving.  

Macedonian green Opal: Equality

Every form of life on this earth has the Divine right to be here and as human beings we can sometimes be dismissive of this. We are all equal in “right” and as such deserve the respect that goes with this. When shifting my awareness to align to this beautiful crystal I felt the need to ask “permission” to connect to the consciousness of this amazing gem. I had almost considered it my right to gain the wisdom it had to offer and then realised that I had to show respect to the consciousness of the earth, which is not just the crystal but every living form on Earth.  Awareness arose within me linked to gratitude for the trees that grow, the food we eat, the bird song I hear every morning, the water we drink, and so it went on. I felt love flow through every part of my body and was truly grateful for the experience of utter sweetness inside me. Thank you Opal for showing me the feeling of beauty within me.

Black Tourmaline:  Eradicate Pain

I was amazed at just how quickly black tourmaline can eradicate pain. It opens up the energy channels within the body and acts like a form of drainage to release excessive stagnant energy that is causing pain- physically, emotionally or mentally.  It is deeply relaxing, soothing and calming to the nervous system whilst nurturing the body and reminding it of peace and harmony. I have also used black tourmaline successfully with those who suffer from obsessive thoughts, deep rooted fears and traumas created through intense fear. One of my clients, a rape victim, fell in love with black tourmaline saying it brought her out of her fear and gave her life back to her. Crystals really do make a difference; I see it over and over again.

Aquamarine with Rubellite: Pleasure of creation

What a perfect blend of energy this is!!!! Rubellite will ignite your heart and help you to feel all the passion within you till it almost bursts to come out and then aquamarine will help you express what you feel. This crystal will unite you to your heart and help you naturally express whatever surfaces, through writing, singing, painting, talking or whatever lights you up. It has an amazingly creative energy that will inspire, uplift and ignite your soul into action. Place it on your heart to awaken the connection, then on your sacral chakra to create and manifest. Feel the deep joy and happiness that arises through the pleasure of creation. This is a totally unique experience that will leave you wanting more.

Celestite: Greater Good

Celestite brings vision, awareness and wisdom of the higher purer realms of existence. It shows us that it is possible to maintain pure thoughts and feelings by choosing to see the good in the world. Celestite opens your mind to see the greater good, to hear the love in the world and to feel the difference inside you that is created by doing this. It is a stone of communication with a realm of existence, here on earth that creates harmony within your being. When you are “ AT EASE”  within yourself you cannot have “DIS EASE”!  This crystal will change the way you see the world and help you to acknowledge how it changes the way you feel inside, restoring harmony and peace. It is a great crystal for anyone who has disease or is not at peace within themselves.