Astrological Sign Taurus


Steady Taurus is all about reward, the bull is the representative of this sign and if you think about the nature of the bull being strong, stable, reliable and steadfast you create a picture of a typical Taurus character. They have a great appreciation of physical pleasures and material goods and will work hard (with a strong resolve that can be viewed as stubbornness by some) until they reach their goal. Pleasure to this sign also comes in the way of a happy home life, one that includes a partner and a stable relationship. This is where an association with emerald comes into play; emerald instils a deep sense of security and comfort within. It relaxes and resolves any internal disputes thereby restoring harmony and domestic bliss to world around us. For this reason many “New Age” thinkers choose emerald as their stone of preference for an engagement ring or a ring of commitment. Emerald is also known to enhance self-worth and self-respect by opening an eye of appreciation toward beauty and pleasure, the finer things in life, which will encourage abundance and promote a steady financial flow.

May: The Month of Opportunity

“May Love be ever in your heart
May all your dreams come true
May your spirits soar forever high
May this be the life for you”

Jacqueline winters

Charoite: Path of Destiny

My first experience of working with Charoite left me in awe, whilst holding this crystal with my awareness fully in the moment, I had a realisation that I wanted to change my career and by doing so it changed my life. Certain crystals enable us to “SEE” more clearly and unlock our true potential. Charoite does this beautifully, it enables clear seeing sometimes referred to as clairvoyance (clair: clear, voyance: seeing) and recognition of the work that we truly love doing. It clears away mental confusion regarding our path of service, highlights our natural abilities and encourages us to get lost in the work that we love doing.  Charoite is truly a stone of love and by tuning in to its energy and becoming aware of synchronicity it is possible that you will be shown a door of opportunity that is most appropriate for you at that moment. Continued use will then direct you along a selfless path of service leading to great rewards, both materialistically and spiritually

Pietersite; It’s all in the here and now!

Pietersite wakes you up to the world of nature which may appear to be quiet and still but has plenty of life thriving in the undergrowth. When connecting to this crystal my awareness was taken to the “real world” of nature and how many of us have little or no contact with it due to the demands of the concrete world in which we live. Pietersite reminds us that we are sowing the seeds of tomorrow through our present day thoughts and actions. By tuning into this balancing gem you will reconnect to the stillness of nature and feel a calm acceptance of life start to envelope you.  But, hold on, because there will be a twinkle in your eye as you become aware of the stimulation of life in the undergrowth, the promise of things to come!! A wonderfully uplifting, stabilising energy that  will raise a love of life in this very present moment, excellent for those who feel overwhelmed or depressed.

Tektite: Time out

Escape from mental bondage!! Tektite will expand your awareness to the reality of your existence and remind you who and where you are. When you meditate with Tektite it will take you out of a structured existence and connect you to the vastness of the Universe. It will remind you of your place on this fabulous rock, Earth, spinning around the sun in this amazing galaxy: thereby showing you the bigger picture. It offers you the opportunity to re-evaluate who you are and what you want from this incarnation. It’s a “time out” crystal in my opinion and something we should all do regularly to ensure we live the best life possible that meets our ever changing needs and requirements, both spiritually and materialistically.

Seraphinite: Angelic love 

Angelic consciousness can be accessed by attuning to this heart based crystal. It will show you the purity within you and enable a good communication with the Angelic essence that is encased within your heart. Many assume that the Angels “live” somewhere out in the cosmos, but in reality the Angels are a level of consciousness that can be accessed through a good, pure connection to the heart. Seraphinite will aid the process of communication internally so you can act and think from a loving, kind level of your being. However remember that there may be hurts and upset that you have to let go of before the purity can surface. Seraphinite will aid your letting go of any impurities that are stopping you from becoming the all loving human being you want to be.

Pink Tourmaline: Perfection.

Perfection!! Pink tourmaline has a unique individual message for all who work with it. It will help you love the whole of you and bring your “imperfections” into line with the perfect you. This crystal helps you abandon the idea of imperfection, it will show you that there is no wrong, that everything is exactly as it should be and so are you. When this lesson is learned the love from your heart can flow unrestricted to all areas of your life. Pink Tourmaline is a heart healer and will aid recognition of the perfect Universe in which we live, according to the natural laws, not the manmade ones.

Azurite: freedom of speech

As I sit here, writing, at the computer one hand is placed upon a fabulous Azurite crystal. It came to me many years ago when I first decided to communicate the many benefits of working with crystals. Its name reveals its gift to us AS YOU WRITE, which made me smile when I worked that one out!! I find that when I want to communicate what I am feeling azurite helps me express myself freely. As you can imagine 30 years ago people did not share my enthusiasm for crystals so I held back and found I created problems with my throat due to worries that  people thought I was crazy. Now Azurite helps me express myself without restriction and so if you have problems sharing your feelings or communicating to others how you feel try working with Azurite it really is freeing.

Serpentine Green (Infinite stone): Infinite supply 

This crystal is a favourite with healers and in my experience healers tend to be very giving people. This crystal helps to realign the ability to give and balance it with the ability to receive. It also works the other way round for those who have a fear of giving. It will remind us of the natural ebb and flow of life, the natural order of death and rebirth, giving and taking away. Infinite has had much success with those who are grieving or feel loss in their life; it also helps those who have a sense of lack of money, love, happiness ….. and will restore harmony by offering the realisation that the Universe offers an infinite supply of all that we need, all we have to do is relax and let it come to us.