Astrological Sign Gemini …Birthstone Pearl: Wisdom

The great strength of those who are Gemini-born is in their ability to communicate effectively and to think clearly. Adventures of the mind are what" The Twins” are all about. They love engaging in stimulating conversations about absolutely anything that will trigger their enthusiasm into action. They also love to share themselves with their friends, and they make for charming companions- often being labelled the “life and soul of the party”. Pearl is a great advocate for this sign as it offers wisdom and clarity to the wearer. You will often see ladies in high powered jobs wearing a set of pearls to enhance their ability to speak and act with reverence and wisdom. Thus the old adage “pearls of wisdom”.

June: Time to Celebrate!!

Stichtite: Love of Life

This crystal has an antibiotic aspect to its energy that will promote a deep sense of inner peace and alleviate any “nastiness” within that may create infection or disease. Stichtite is soothing, loving, forgiving, gentle and cleansing. It will stimulate a connection to personal inner wisdom thereby relaxing and purifying the mind. Acceptance and compassion can be highly attributed to this wonderful peacemaking crystal, which will adjust any low emotional frequencies by transmuting them into love and kindness. Wear or carry this crystal close to the heart or crown chakra for maximum effect or place over an area of infection to eliminate disease. Stichtite aids recognition of the inner voice and helps you get to know yourself on a much deeper level. Good health and wellbeing are said to be achieved by those who can adhere to the saying “know thyself”.

Sunshine Danburite : the true meaning of success.

Its funny how we all create our own individual definitions that apply to words and one word that is quite often misinterpreted is SUCCESS. Many see success as wealth, fame, glory and acknowledgement, whereas the message received from Sunshine Danburite is that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is in fact happiness. To achieve true happiness you must get to know yourself because nobody but you can make you happy. This crystal will enhance your will and strengthens a connection to the mind and the heart. When they are in sync there is nothing left to do but to make the right choices for yourself and with sunshine Danburite by your side you will!!!

Jet: Protection and Purification

Jet has been worn as an amulet of protection for many centuries and what it also can do is to protect you from yourself. We all have a “shadow aspect” or part of our nature that doesn’t sit too well within us. Making friends with the inner disciplinarian is one of the joys of working with Jet. Jet will enlighten you to the aspects of your nature where you hold back, maybe restraining from being your true self for fear of what others may think of you. Jet gives you permission to be human; it opens awareness to really embrace the human nature and allows you to unfold into all your glory. When you give yourself permission to be “you” internally, and fully accept yourself, there will be no need for protection. As you unleash the wild side of your nature and accept yourself fully for who you are so will others. This wonderful ally opens inner doors to freedom and love, alleviating fear and insecurity.

Kunzite: Radiating love

Kunzite emits a radiant pink glowing light that fills the aura with soothes the disciplined mind and calms frayed nerves, promoting a relaxed gentle attitude toward life. Kunzite reassures us that love really is the only way forward in all that we do. It helps us to recognise the soft nurturing inner sensations that are experienced physically, emotionally and mentally when kindness and compassion are expressed in thought word and deed. All these energies are healing, nurturing and life giving when they are applied toward the self and will also expand out to reach others. Kunzite has a high vibration that lifts the spirits and nurtures the soul. Can be used to enhance other crystals to bring gentleness into all healing experiences.

Apophylite: Higher Consciousness.

The human mind is often conditioned to believe that it has the highest level of intelligence and when it cannot find a solution to a problem it may create illusions of what might be. Apophylite gently reminds us that we only have to look at nature to realise that there is a far greater intelligence at work here on Earth - sometimes outside our comprehension. Apophylite will relax the mind and connect us to a higher level of consciousness that will bring acceptance, trust, love and peace to our energy field. It has been used successfully on people that have mental disorders, alopecia, problems with the head, digestion and eyes, which are all conditions linked metaphysically to the emotional and mental well-being.

Hemimorphite: Transformation and Change

 The body has the innate ability and knowledge to repair itself, given the correct conditions. Hemimorphite aids clear communication with the physical body. It quietens the mind to allow the intelligence of the body to surface and be recognised by the enquirer. Natural instincts are magnified and highlighted by this wonderful crystal enabling the recipient to take control of their own well-being, on physical, mental and spiritual levels. Sit quietly with hemimorphite and pay attention to how comfortable you are in your own body, adjust your position until you find the correct posture to maintain a peaceful space whilst you connect to the way you feel and any thoughts you are receiving. Ask the crystal to neutralise any low frequencies within you (such as pain, negative thoughts or depression) and then just relax and observe your natural realignment. Transformation and change are often achieved by working with this gem. 

Goshenite: Marries the intellect with intuition

Goshenite promotes recognition of the truth; it is a high vibrating, loving crystal which aids the balancing of the instincts of mothering, with the ability to care for yourself and others. It is quite often linked to the moon because as the moon reflects the light of the sun, Goshenite will help us to recognise our inner light in others. It develops gut feeling and intuition. Goshenite will guide and marry the intellect to the intuition and has been used effectively to stimulate inner inspirational thoughts to artists, writers and those with creative pursuits. It was placed on the eyes to improve eyesight enabling a clearer vision toward a happier, healthier lifestyle. In my opinion this is a crystal with purpose; it clears obstacles for you and engages spirit and life into the energy field.  It is one of my favourite stones.