Birthstone GARNET

Astrological Sign Capricorn

The Capricorn personality is said to be ambitious, determined, driven and dedicated toward their goals. Garnet carries this signature frequency and is a wonderful friend when any of these energies are required, particularly advantageous when setting New Year resolutions. Therefore if you want to ensure success and feel motivated to achieve your goals wear or carry garnet on your person, it will be like having your own personal coach. Garnet is also linked to prosperity as the fiery energy will not let you rest until you have completed your project. Physical energy levels will boost to help you through this long and often slow month, promoting an uplifted energy that will ensure you do not become depressed during the short days ahead. Garnet is a blood cleanser and will regulate body temperature which is always good for those who feel the cold.

Theme: New Year Resolutions

APATITE: Weight Loss

Yes ladies this crystal will regulate the appetite and become a wonderful aid to those who want to lose weight. The yellow variety will strengthen and focus the willpower; increase your assertive nature to promote confidence and success. If you team yellow apatite with Peridot it will create a powerful energy that eliminates lethargy and boosts your “get up and go”. Blue/ green apatite is excellent for creativity, inner calm and will keep your mind occupied to avoid comfort eating. Apatite is also highly recommended for anyone who has eating disorders. On a physical level, beside weight management, it has been found beneficial toward arthritis, eyesight, bones, glands, muscles and the nervous system.


Hangovers and headaches are soothed away by this magnificent natural detoxing crystal. Simply massage a piece over your brow and temples for several minutes and relax into the experience, or sit quietly next to a beautiful geode and drink in the energy. Amethyst will put you back together after this hectic party season by ridding the body of toxins. Remember to support the purification process by drinking plenty of water. Another tip is to place a piece of Amethyst over the liver for approximately 20 minutes daily or wear it in jewellery to build up the immune system and support the liver function. This will also help you avoid picking up colds and flu symptoms during the winter months.

MOTHER OF PEARL: Nurturing during the winter months.

Mother of Pearl is the beautiful iridescent lining of a shell and has a nurturing homely feel to it. It will enable you to feel “at home” with yourself after the joyous party season has finished and the contrasting energy of peace and stillness becomes evident in the month of January   This loving energy is very protective, soothing and calming and will promote a prosperous attitude even when the bills from Christmas arrive!! Linked to the energy of the sea it will help you ebb and flow through the winter season, alleviate depression and hold the feel good factor.

DUMORTIERITE: Organise and take control in the New Year.

Patience and order are the main energies realised from this fabulous crystal. If you want help starting up new ventures or new beginnings in the New Year Dumortierite will bring patience and organisational skills. It will enhance the intellect and educate you on how to stand up for yourself, supporting business ventures, personal growth or spiritual endeavours. Dumortierite has been used with success on those who have dyslexia as it rearranges the mental body into an orderly fashion, so get organised in the New Year with Dumortierite and create the perfect year!!

OBSIDIAN: Breaking old/bad habits.

New Year is a time of reflection, a time to let go of bad or old habits that keep us repeating patterns in life. Obsidian can help by enlightening you to any self-destructive patterns/habits that you may have. Either ones that have become so comfortable with you don’t recognise or ones that you are aware of. In Ancient times Obsidian was fashioned into blades and arrowheads, due to its ability to remove negativity and to protect. Obsidian arrow heads can be used to psychically cut away etheric cords that impede spiritual growth, but remember to seal the area with a loving, gentle energy afterwards. Wearing or carrying obsidian provides a protective energy whilst consciously making the changes you want in your life. 

RHODOCHROSITE: Alleviate Depression

Deep joy and inner happiness are experienced by wearing or attuning to this crystal. Rhodochrosite connects you to the purity of your inner child to feel the happiness that is available inside you. The journey to inner happiness starts now in this present moment, but to truly connect to it you may have to let go of memories and hurts from the past that can be locked in your sub conscience, Rhodochrosite provides a loving, nurturing vibration to release past hurts and thereby opens the door to inner contentment and happiness. Find true love, happiness and joy throughout 2014 with Rhodochrosite.

TANZANITE: A clear mind for a fresh start.

Tanzanite is a very spiritual stone. It enables the individual to access deep inner knowledge that is relevant to their life at the time of questioning. By opening the mind of the truth seeker it aids clear thinking from a higher perspective to enhance a deeper level of understanding. Tanzanite addresses the bigger picture and will often inspire quests of adventure based on a spiritual knowing or desire that arises from within, a good communicator with the soul. This wonderful crystal clears confusion, helps you make life changing decisions and uplifts the spirits.