Astrological Sign Aries

Enthusiastic Aries are independent, generous, optimistic, courageous go getters; they are the life and soul of the party and will lift spirits to an optimistic vibe making them excellent team members in any pursuit. Due to their competitive nature they will continue to the finish line as there is never any question of failure for Aries. Herkimer Diamond is one of the crystals that simulate the positive energy of Aries. As you can see from the characteristics of each birth sign there are many attributes to each sign therefore it can be quite difficult to pinpoint one gem stone to align perfectly with all of the Astrological traits. This is the reason numerous gems are often mentioned when researching Astrological compatibility.

Birthstone DIAMOND: Sparkle and Shine

Herkimer Diamond is a double terminated high vibration quartz that has the ability to transform negative frequencies into positive ones. The double termination allows for a free flow of energy, balancing the yin /yang aspects by absorbing, transmuting and then transmitting a pure frequency. Placed on the third eye it can sharpen the mind, induce telepathy and connect the recipient with higher, gentler levels of consciousness. It has been said that if you give your Herkimer Diamond to your soul mate and have to spend time apart it will keep you energetically connected and you will feel their love, support and thoughts surrounding you.

In keeping with the month of April our theme is fertility and sunshine which is linked to the Easter celebrations. The Easter Bunny is a representation of fertility and the painted eggs represent sunshine and the start of the season of growth.

Shiva Lingham: Unlock your true potential

This powerful stone will surprise and delight you; it brings immeasurable pleasure and the will to see things through to the end. It opens and relaxes the pelvic region of the body, aligning the sacral chakra to a fun frequency. It has been used successfully by some to initiate pregnancy but also to unleash the creative energy within to start new projects and birth new ideas. An uplifting, inspiring crystal that will help you realise your full and true potential by aiding recognition of your inner talents. People in India recognise the Shiva Lingham as a sacred stone due to its ability to raise life force energy within the body and create an overall improvement in health and wellbeing. The long established sacred connection that has been honoured for many years, I believe, intensifies the energy of the Shiva Lingham. Great stone to heal any reproductive projects relieve menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps impotence and any imbalances of a sexual nature.

Septarian; All is well within the world

A mellow, relaxed, chilled out energy that will soothe the mind calm any fears and reconnect you to an inner knowing. This crystal is often referred to as the Shaman stone and is excellent for healers to promote a safe environment for healing to take place. It also ensures that the healer stays attuned to their inner world so they can “hear” the most appropriate action to take during healing sessions. Septarian will also open the throat chakra to enable compassionate communication and recognition of personal privacy for both the healer and the recipient. It has been used to eliminate psychic attack or unwanted interest directed into personal space in the form of low frequency emotions, jealousy, spite, hatred ….

Malachite: Fertility and Prosperity

The first word that came to mind whilst tuning into malachite was “Freedom”. Freedom from repressed feelings that are created through incorrect thought patterns and baggage from the past. This is truly a stone of the heart that will help you embrace the world from an open and loving perspective. It will address the truth of any situation: often rendering the recipient feeling open and sometimes vulnerable. In this open space malachite will align your heart with the truth, team it with a loving crystal to fill the open space with love and compassion. A fabulous crystal to get to the root of any problem plus it does not mess around; it is fast and fertile, excellent for connecting to the feminine energy and releasing emotional debris, to promote a fertile, prosperous life.

Sunstone: The path to unconditional love,

The vigorous and valiant energy from this crystal will take you comfortably from conditional love onto the path of unconditional love. The inner voice can create expectations that are akin to identities we have created for ourselves. These identities can be linked to all aspects of life, family, career or lifestyle and as we release these self-inflicted bonds of control we place on ourselves and others we realign our true identity with freewill. This is the path to unconditional love for self and others. Sunstone will gently relax and release the bonds that restrict the flow of unconditional love into and out of our being. It can alleviate feelings of guilt that may arise through conditional love and open the door within to true unconditional love, which some of us may not yet have experienced.

Moonstone: Naturally Nurturing

Moonstone is quieter and more nurturing than the masculine energy of sunstone. Whereas sunstone will give you courage to let go on all levels, moonstone will hold your hand to accept things that are out of your control. It will calm and soothe your mind and emotions to lull you back into a calm state of equilibrium, and reconnect you to your intuition (or inner tuition). Often used as a stone of fertility for women who wish to conceive moonstone helps you relax deeply enough to be open to receive. It’s nurturing nature helps women connect to their natural motherly instincts and is also a great guide for those who experience parenting difficulties by offering reassurance and guidance to those who feel lost in their ability to connect with children or young adults.

Carnelian: Zest for Life

Creative Carnelian brings wisdom and love of life. It helps us recognise what ignites our creative fire and motivates us to follow that inner light. A wonderfully stimulating crystal that enthuses enthrals and captivates the mind and the emotions into the moment to create. On a physical level carnelian shakes things up, it gets things moving so it is very productive for sluggish conditions. Emotionally and mentally it reassures those who feel insecure by providing a strong protective energy that is said to promote prosperity and a good sense of humour. Carnelian has many great attributes but if I were to sum up the energy of Carnelian I would say it provides a great energy boost to attract good fortune, a positive attitude and a zest for life.

Green Aventurine: Spiritual growth

Green Aventurine calms and soothes the body to promote deep relaxation and inner peace. Its energetic effects are far reaching being naturally drawn to the part of the body that needs it the most. It is most beneficial to muscles which carry the stress of everyday wear and tear but also the soft organs, neurological system, blood, lungs…., in fact it will calm and balance the physical body wherever it is required and promote a calm, peaceful mental attitude toward life. Emotionally green Aventurine promotes stamina and perseverance to see things through to the end and has been mentioned as one of the gems associated with the Aries trait of perseverance. I like the gift of spiritual growth that Aventurine offers, it gently reminds us what is truly important in life and aids letting go of the rest by putting everything into a loving perspective.