K2 Stone

K2 is a recently discovered crystal that was found at the foothills of the K2 Mountain, the second highest mountain in the world. Located within the Karakoram Range which borders Pakistan and China, K2 was given its name in 1852 by British surveyor T.G. Montgomerie. The "K" standing for the Karakoram Range and the "2" representing that it is the 2nd peak listed. Later K2 was also named Mount Godwin-Austen after Haversham Godwin-Austen who was a British surveyor and explorer.

Throughout history some mountains have been deemed sacred like the biblical Mount Sinai where Moses is said to have heard the voice of God and brought down tablets of stone with the 10 commandments. For many religions the most symbolic aspect of a mountain is the peak because it is believed to be closest to heaven or other celestial bodies and if ever you have visited the top of a mountain you will be aware of how pure the air is and the peace that is evident. It is no wonder that the energy realised from this crystal is akin to peace, tranquillity and purity of thought.

The K2 crystal is a combination of Afghanite and granite, although some suggest that the blue colouration is actually Azurite. My personal experience with this crystal would lead me to believe that it is Afghanite but it does aid celestial communication so therefore I can understand the confusion with azurite.

The energy associated with Afghanite is simply divine, it is calm, serene, loving and nurturing, with the ability to unearth inner truth and wisdom. Afghanite is a powerful spiritual stone with a strong message; it teaches us how to live together harmoniously and peacefully, how to recognise our inner talents and use them for the higher good. It enlightens us to the bigger picture and aids recognition of the absolute divine in all areas of life. Afghanite is a truly uplifting stone that will awaken the need to find spiritual fulfilment within life.

Granite mainly consists of feldspar, quartz and mica. It is a tough hard material that is used to construct kitchen worktops, floor tiles and monuments. Many cultures honoured granite as a stone that promoted protection and abundance. It has also been found to alleviate scepticism and aid the wearer to become diplomatic and discretional. Physically granite works well on tissue regeneration and the skeletal system

The combination of these energies have created K2, a kind, gentle crystal that promotes strength and courage to believe in one’s own convictions and focus on the bigger picture.

Healing Properties:

K2 shows us the strength that can be achieved from acting in a kind and gentle manner. It promotes a deep feeling of unity within communities and families, enabling each member to honour the talents and gifts of each other. It is a stone of communication and will aid acknowledgement of personal truth and promote security to stand firm in heart felt endeavours. K2 releases insecurities, promotes a peaceful environment and releases any aspect of the personality that is not suited to the individual’s higher purpose. Physically K2 is good for the skeletal system, digestive disorders, lower back problems, lung conditions and clearing headaches.