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Mining Mike's Dinosaur (Replica) Teeth and Claws Ready to Retail (32 Pieces) NETT

Mining Mike's Dinosaur (Replica) Teeth and Claws Ready to Retail (32 Pieces) NETT

Dinosaur Teeth and Claws (Replica) (32 Pieces) NETT

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Another Rockshop original product in the Mining Mike range!

Each Ready to Retail box contains 32 smaller boxes, each with a collectible replica claw or tooth, of which there are 4 types: Spinosaur tooth, Veliciraptor Claw, Deinonychus Claw and Albertosaurus Claw.

Each small box contains one replica tooth or claw on a bed of shredded paper (approximately 4-5cm in length and 1-2cm wide) and a fun facts sheet. 

The fun facts sheet tells you how to pronounce the dinosaurs name syllable by syllable, the meaning of the name, which geological period they lived in and some facts about about the length, weight and/or appearance of the dinosaur.

All specimens are replicas. Replica casts are formed by creating a mould of an original fossil in which all the detail is preserved. The original fossil is more often safely stored in a museum or other collection. Resin is a museum-quality durable plastic material. Replicas made from resin are light and generally more likely to withstand being handled, dropped etc.

Encourage the curiosity of children and adults alike with this ready to retail box, by delving into the world of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures! This product works really well with the Mining Mike Replica Dinosaur Claws & Teeth Excavation Kit.

Item Number: 7801 05 50

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Size: Large Box W26cm x D23cm x H32cm

Weight: Unknown

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