Amethyst Cluster AAA Grade 4-8" (KG) NETT

Amethyst Cluster AAA Grade 4-8" (KG) NETT

Amethyst Cluster AAA Grade 4-8

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Amethyst is a lilac to purple variety of the mineral Quartz. It forms beautiful crystals inside volcanic lava bubbles known as geodes . Due to it's beautiful colour Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones. The ancient Greeks believed Amethyst prevented drunkenness. Commonly from Brazil.

The item is listed at one unit of 1kg, if you would like to purchase a smaller amount contact the sales office on 01484 485599. The product will be selected as close to the purchase amount as possible but will be invoiced by the gram for accuracy of true weight of the product.

Location: China, Tianjin Mine

Item Number: 7400 13 67

Catalogue Code: AM

Weight: Sold by the Kg

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