Astrological Sign Virgo …Birthstone Sapphire

Virgo people have a tendency to be particular, tidy, precise and organised in all that they do. They can sometimes be critical of themselves and others due to their need for an orderly, organised life. Virgos often feel as if they were born to serve and part of their lesson in life is to realise that they are also worthy of being served themselves. However, you will find that they are also quite loyal, loving and charitable with a keen intuition. Don’t try to pull the wool over their eyes as their intuition will guide them to seek out the truth and it is rare when they don’t succeed in finding it!! A virgin is the archetype representation of this sign which signifies purity and love; emotions that can also be realised from connecting to the energy of blue sapphire, the birthstone of Virgo. Blue Sapphire will also assist you by calming the nerves, aiding self-expression and recognising the truth in life as opposed to illusions that create disorder.

September: Love and Lightness

Peacock Ore (bornite): Magic and Beauty

Peacock ore is a magical stone of beauty; its iridescent colours shimmer and shine in the light like a peacock displaying its feathers. This crystal shouts out, “Look at me” in a reserved way, standing true in its own power but allowing all of its beauty to be seen and admired by all. I feel that this crystal teaches us how to be ourselves, how to let go of any inhibitions or fears of what if and allows our true colours to shine through. “Don’t hold back” is its message, “stand proud, stand tall and enjoy just being the perfect person that you are.” I love it!! If you want to attract or manifest anything into your life then call on peacock ore to help you. It will reveal to you where you have any blockages and help you to work through them. As I said before it really is a stone of magic !!!

Unakite: Recharge your Batteries

In Italian Una means one, and for me this crystal teaches us how to be at ONE with the self. It helps to stop energy leakage, by aiding recognition of where your awareness, both mentally and emotionally, is focussing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “energy leakage” it basically means that focus and feelings are energy, therefore when you have someone or something other than you, or your present situation in your mind or emotional equilibrium, then you are leaking energy to it or to them. Worry, fixations on love, fear, anger, too much responsibility toward others, being a dreamer,…..are all ways of leaking energy. This is why it is possible to be tired when you have had no physical exercise. Unakite will balance your emotions and bring through a mass of self-love to enable you to recharge your batteries by loving the moment and staying mindful of where you are in present moment reality. It is a wonderful crystal to help those convalescing make a speedy recovery and balancing those who are being drained by everyday life.

Aragonite: Work/Play Balance

Aragonite brings stability and structure into life. It is an absolute gift for those who have a tendency to over achieve or for those who drive themselves too hard. Often referred to as the stone for “workaholics” aragonite will surface inner solutions to life’s problems by aiding analysis of a situation and creating boundaries and stepping stones which to work from. Once these boundaries are in place you will find a healthy work/play regime will materialise in life. When I held aragonite and asked it to enlighten me to its energetic value I was instantly aware of my mind calming down to a slower rhythm. I became more focussed, took my time preparing my work and generally felt more relaxed whilst doing so. Until that moment I was unaware that I was carrying any stress or that my mind was particularly active and then realised the importance of opening up to the energy of crystals and the wonderful advice they have to offer us. Talking to crystals and listening to their message is done so through observation of self, how you feel and react when consciously connecting to the vibration they have to offer us. Thank you aragonite!

Stromatolite: Secrets of the past

This grounding crystal helps put you in touch with the Earth. It has the ability to concentrate your consciousness down to gain deep insight or root cause to any situation, disease, or problem that life may present you with. It can take your awareness into “other worlds” or planes of existence that are often dismissed as merely illusionary but where great insight, creativity and wisdom can be found. Stromatolite told me that it holds “secrets from the dead”, our ancestors and those who have walked the earth before us leaving their signature which has contributed toward evolution. It opens your mind to be receptive to everything that ever was in the past and everything that is possible for the future. This therefore makes it a great comforting stone to those who have lost loved ones or are grieving the past or worrying about the future in any way. Place this crystal in the nape of the neck to unlock burdens of the past and karmic issues.

Bronzite: “New Age” stone of these times

Strength and confidence, surety and steadfastness are the primary energies of this Earth keeper. Bronzite came bursting into my awareness almost “shouting” to wake me up to my true potential. I felt a deep urgency with this crystal to lighten my load, so to speak, and let go of mental restraints that are linked to western styles of living, to run out into the world and proclaim a love of life that has been stifled and suppressed by mental “needs” It brought an awareness that just being here on the Earth is enough, being surrounded by the beauty of nature, sensing the elements, and drinking in the pleasure of life was enough to surface a deep pure love within me and a recognition that I have all that I need right here in this very moment. Bronzite is the “New Age” stone of this time; it will bring freedom from the mind and a deep sense of belonging and well- being.

Chyta: Alert stillness

Chyta has the ability to focus the mind and promote an alert sense of stillness, much like that of the cheetah cat, which is renowned for its ability to remain stable and still but very alert to its surroundings and predators. Within this state of being, an inner calm and knowing will arise that heightens the intuition and awareness thereby drawing our attention to options that we would not necessarily have noticed without it. It also magnifies the synchronicities that life shows us but can sometimes be missed due to lack of awareness. In doing this, Chyta also works on the heart chakra by alleviating any self-imposed pressures that are linked to imbalance and worry. The body will then gently re align itself to a more stabilising rhythm or pace of life at which to set our daily activities.

Green Turquoise: Cleansing and purifying

Whilst holding green turquoise I took a long deep breath in and as I exhaled I felt all the tension within me start to dissolve. In my opinion green turquoise is gentler and cooler than the blue turquoise. It reminded me of peppermint- cleaning and purifying the lungs and heart area. It is a great “pick me up” and encourages you to communicate and listen to your inner needs. Turquoise has always been revered for its ability to protect and nurture the soul, it has been reported that it will shatter rather than letting anything that does not serve your highest good happen to you. It is a stone of the heart and works well on conditions of the lungs and the heart.