Birthstone AQUAMARINE: A jewel of the sea

Astrological Sign Pisces

Compassionate, intuitive, loving Pisces are exceptionally sensitive and loyal. They have a tendency to daydream and just meander through life relying on their intuition for guidance. Aquamarine is the crystalline replica of this particular energy, it promotes a “C’est la vie” type attitude that is excellent for those who strive and find it difficult to relax. Aquamarine is gentle, soothing, calming and inspires, truth to aid letting go. Folk lore states that it was used as a talisman for good luck, protection and fearlessness by sailors and gained the accreditation of being a treasure of the mermaid. The message I received from aquamarine was “Ebb and flow with the waves of life in a relaxed state of being. Allow the rhythm of nature to gently carry you along the river of life and enjoy everything that it has to offer you. Anything less leaves you wanting.” What a wonderful philosophy for life.

March: New Beginnings are on the horizon with the spring Equinox.

Crystal recipe to attract and gently ease into the love of life.

BLOODSTONE: FOCUS on what you love

Awareness is a life giving energy; therefore observe where you place your attention because you are giving it life. A joyful attitude will boost your physical energy and stimulate a zest for life. Bloodstone, as its name suggests, is excellent for cleansing the blood and of course the blood is the life giving energy of the body. This amazing crystal will bring your mind into the present moment, boost your energy levels and improve your focus. When attention is focussed on the here and now you are better able to communicate with your heart and become creative. Focussed creativity will put you in tune with your higher aspect which is the road to happiness and contentment. Bloodstone is known to stimulate the base chakra with a solid fortified energy that will connect the seeker to his love of life. It boosts energy levels if worn over a period of time.

TIGERS EYE; CONFIDENCE & COURAGE to follow your heart and create change

When the path of life takes you down a route where you become discontent and need to make change a priority, it can be quite a challenge. Tiger’s Eye will help you reconnect to your inner world to find the right path for you. It will offer you courage to face the illusions of the mind that create insecurities and fears, dissolving any blocks that stand in the way of your happiness. It will also offer you confidence that all is well in the world, whispering messages from your heart in a reassuring and calming manner. It will aid the emotional transition by calming the nerves and gently easing you into a new phase of your life. Sometimes it is referred to as the stone of success due to its positivity and reassuring nature, financially Tigers Eye will promote abundance and wealth in all areas of your life.

CHRYSOCOLLA: CLEAR MIND to remove any obstacles

De- clutter your mind with Chrysocolla, this soothing energy initiates deep breathing and relaxation. I have found myself cleaning the house from top to bottom after wearing Chrysocolla, so if it’s time for a spring clean start connecting to Chrysocolla!! Expanding and opening the mind benefits the body by creating a deep relaxation, it releases the tension created by the constant chatter or worries created by an overactive mind bringing serenity and peace emotionally, mentally and physically. Through meditation with Chrysocolla it is possible to become totally attuned to the eternal now and place the mind in a void of nothingness where all obstacles disappear and you regain a connection with the source of life. A truly wonderful experience!!


Lapis Lazuli was worn in Egyptian times by Kings and rulers as they recognised the leadership qualities this regal stone has to offer. Lapis removes the doubt within you to create a firm solid base on which to make decisions. Nature created a perfect blend of relaxing blue with a strong vibrant gold to ensure a good balance between yin and yang. A relaxed attitude combined with a strong will is the perfect combination for those who want to succeed in life. Place your awareness/attention on the voice of your heart and Lapis will guide you to the top of your game, stand in the spotlight and shine your light out into the world, enjoy the magnificence of being you.

SUGALITE: WISDOM to know what is right for you

Sugilite has to be one of my all-time favourite crystals. If you have a spiritual thirst for knowledge sugilite will quench it, a truly heart based wisdom is unearthed within you to connect the love and knowledge from your heart with your conscious mind. I love it and I am sure you will too. It has been used successfully with those who have illnesses that carry big scary labels ie cancer….. Sugilite has the ability to help surface the knowledge that the body needs to create harmony and love. Inner harmony leads to a deep relaxed state of being and love is a life giving energy that will aid the incredible body to repair itself. Gentle healing is my passion but sugilite has so many more benefits to offer, it will show you the beauty within and around you to help you fall in love with the planet, and the life you have chosen to live. It will raise heartfelt passion within you to act and live in a spiritual manner…. I could go on and on here but why not try it for yourself, carry or wear sugilite for a while and I guarantee you will feel the love.

FIRE AGATE: EXCITEMENT AND PASSION create your own destiny

Are you stuck in a rut, fed up with the winter blues and need some excitement in your life? Then connect to fire agate for a while, it reminds me of a volcano, promoting a fire of passion within you that either lays passive, inspiring you or becomes live and activates you. Either way it can motivate you to become creative and use your inner talents or to become active and spontaneous to make major life changes that unleash excitement and enthusiasm. All of which are life giving energies as opposed to the life draining energy of the winter blues you may have just experienced. This could be just the tonic you are looking for.


Fast acting calcites are always beneficial when you need results. Honey calcite connects you to inner sunshine and contentment that will calm even the most fraught mind into a state of positive peace. The feeling that is brought to the surface in most people from this nurturing stone is that “holiday” relaxed nothing to do serenity. Imagine being able to carry on working and interacting with an inner sunshine and harmony that make it so much easier to deal with the demands of daily life. Here are a few suggestions when to use honey calcite: when chaos is present in your life, when you can’t stop worrying, when you need an energy boost, when you are stressed or when life has become too heavy.