Astrological Sign Cancer …Birthstone Ruby: Heartfelt passion

The natural traits of a person born under the influence of Cancer are usually that they are home loving, family orientated, easily influenced by matters of the heart and they can let their heart rule their head. They can also be quite moody and retreat into their “shell” which they use as a protective measure from the “outside world”- and by doing this they will restore their energy levels and lift their spirits. Some hugely successful people have been born under this sign and have made some major differences within the world due to their innate ability to be led by the heart. Ruby is linked to this water sign; as a representation of the tender heart and the passion that can be ignited through deep felt emotion. Ruby will connect you to your heart and link you to your base chakra where it will raise a deep felt passion within. This passion, of course, will be unique to only you; it is your reason for coming to Earth. The energy of ruby can also be used to raise a sexual energy which is said to be the true energy of the kundalini, but either way a deep felt passion or sexual charge-ruby is sure to put a sparkle in your eye and raise your zest for life!

July: Love and Lightness

Cobalto Calcite: Regeneration

If you find yourself being too hard on yourself, stuck in a rut or just generally feeling tired and run down, Cobalto calcite will raise the energy of joy and fun inside you. It will adjust your mental attitude to allow you to feel and express a light-hearted outlook toward life. It is said to be able to bring light into the energetic and physical aspects of our being, all the way down to a cellular level. This is an excellent way to create changes to thought patterns, traits and emotions that have been genetically inherited. Cobalto calcite reminds us that fun helps us to maintain a true connection to the source of life and that joy is a free flowing energy which brings love and life into the body. Physically, it is very good for the soft tissue including body organs such as the heart, liver, stomach, skin, muscles and helps to regenerate healthy tissue growth. Place over the affected area of the body to soften hardened conditions such as constipation, warts and growths.

Tree Agate : Transformation and Change

Trees possess a level of consciousness which is, like the crystal kingdom, accessed through meditation and observation. A subtle change in the way you feel or think occurs when you ask permission and connect with their energy. Each individual tree has a specific message; some trees are tall sentinels who watch over the land, others are wise, solid old ones who will offer you wisdom and support whilst others may teach us how to be flexible. Tree Agate will help us connect to nature, listen to the wisdom it has to offer us and communicate with the elementals that live in the woodlands. Many people who live in cities or have busy active lives have lost the rhythm and connection to a natural flow of life. They live in a state of adrenal overload due to the stress and fear based society that is evident today. Tree agate will bring transformation and change by restoring a natural flow of life, promote a feeling of being safe and secure within the environment and a connection to plant life.

Galena : Freedom from the mind.

This metallic looking crystal has a definite effect on the mind and brain. It has a wonderful nurturing energy which will relax the mind and soothe the brain. If you have a chattering mind then Galena will become a great ally for you because it really does offer freedom from excessive thinking. It is linked closely to the feminine energy and will mother and nurture any overburdening which is due to excessive mental activity. Galena can enhance intuition by calming the analytic, logical, orderly part of the brain - allowing gut feelings to surface. When the mind and the brain are relaxed Galena will stimulate the grey matter by improving memory and an alert active sharp mind. Through meditation it is possible to ask Galena to help you access the Akashic records which are records that are kept in the collective consciousness of everything that has ever happened or can happen on Earth.

Rutile Quartz: Bliss

Rutile quartz has the appearance of having strands of hair within it and is sometimes referred to as the “Venus hair stone”. Venus being the planet of love will give you some indication that this crystal is very beneficial for the heart and matters of the heart. This is another crystal that will raise the energy of joy and bring an uplifted positive attitude. However it is also very beneficial for those who wish to eradicate “want” from their life. Want is an imbalance that occurs when there is a lack attitude present which can create physical disorders to the lower back, kidneys, heart and spleen. Rutile quartz is also beneficial for breaking up congestion, particularly if bronchial catarrh is present and has a regulating effect on the circulatory system. It aids the lymphatic system with the elimination process and is a wonderful anti-depressant. I personally love rutile quartz because it reminds us that we have love inside us-there may be times when the love becomes buried under life experiences but it is still there if you look for it. This crystal is a true blessing as it instils a trust that love can heal everything and when you allow love to show you the way through life, you will remain happy and healthy.

Natural Citrine: Pleasure and Contentment

As I tuned into the energy of natural Citrine, a honey glow appeared all around me which I likened to being inside a honeycomb. The feelings of natural sweetness began to arise that calmed and soothed my mind, body and emotions. Natural Citrine is definitely softer and gentler than the heat treated Citrine counterpart which is slightly less expensive but nowhere near as gentle as the natural one. When you have a keen sense of energy you will recognise and appreciate the difference in the frequency. My mind was shown images of the sun setting after a balmy lazy day, the sound of the birds singing in the trees and the pure pleasure of just being alive. This is a gentle anti-depressant that will show you how to appreciate the natural sweetness of life. It brings through a feeling of abundance and has been used to attract abundance into life in the form of finance, time and love. ……Physically Citrine is excellent for bladder and urinary conditions which are often linked to the attitude of being “Peed off”. It also works well on focus and concentration and is therefore good for the eyes. Natural Citrine brings pleasure and contentment, abundance and joy.

Prehnite: A stone of magic

Whilst meditating with Prehnite my awareness was taken away from the outside world to a deep sense of stillness in my inner world. Although I was still fully present in the here and now my mind was in a state of non-thinking. I could understand why Prehnite is often referred to as a stone of magic and the experience enlightened me to the realisation that there are many levels of awareness or different dimensions that we can access - all of them being “real” experiences with “real” sensations and realisations. I feel that this is a stone of truth and will help the seeker through observation and meditation to realise and live their truth. I have always known that the gentle river of life is the one that flows with no resistance to personal truth, which of course is only accessed through inner exploration of the self. If you love mystery and magic then this is a stone which will unlock miracles through acknowledgement of truth. Of course your truth may change daily as the river of life experiences twists and turns taking you on a magical never ending journey through life.

Golden Merlinite: Don’t hold back!!

The legend of Merlin depicted him as a sage, offering wisdom and knowledge to King Arthur. Golden Merlinite replicates this act and becomes your own personal sage helping you to regain your power and become motivated by your own will. It is a good decision maker for those who are indecisive and a strong bold crystal for those who allow others to dictate to them about what they should do. Personal power is an important part of healing for the soul. When more importance is placed on another’s opinion above your own or when you value other people’s needs over your own there is imbalance. Golden Merlinite will bring wisdom and strength into your energy field to rectify any imbalance with equality and boldness. A fabulous crystal for those dedicated to shining their light out into the world but may be unsure of the consequences of doing so.