Birthstone AMETHYST: for a clear mind and a love of life.

Astrological Sign Aquarius

The typical Aquarius personality is independent, unconventional and often regarded as a visionary, leading the way to inspire and motivate others. Amethyst is a perfect representation of this type of energy and is therefore associated with the Aquarius birth sign. Aquarius people love their freedom and like to think “outside of the box” making them unique but sometimes aloof due to their deeper level of “knowing” what is right. Amethyst will clear the mind and help the recipient connect to heart based intuition. This will promote inspiration from a deeper, soul level to motivate action through a desire to serve instead of the intellect. Amethyst is often linked to the purple flame, offering a purifying, cleansing and soothing energy for the mind, emotions and physical well-being. February is the perfect time to release the past, link in with the energy of Amethyst and open the mind to limitless possibilities.  All of this will ensure that you are ready to embrace the new opportunities that spring will offer you and lead you to fall in LOVE with your life.

Theme: Use crystals to access the many facets of Love

DANBURITE: Spiritual Love

Danburite has a high, loving vibration that will raise your spirits, calm emotions and rid anxiety, making it the perfect “hug” for anyone who feels lost or abandoned. It can also help those on a spiritual journey reconnect to the frequency of unconditional love by opening the heart and instilling a beautiful sweet vibration. Danburite has been used to release Karmic ties, open the heart and reconnect the recipient to the crown chakra, aiding access to the higher, purer thought fields. A wonderful crystal that can leave you a little “spaced” so ensure that you ground yourself after you have accessed the higher planes. This will enable you to enjoy the results and benefit you here in your everyday life.

EMERALD; Domestic Love

Emerald has been associated with the planet Venus due to its wonderful loving energy and ability to preserve love. This calming, sacred stone has many healing benefits which include accessing truth, justice, compassion and harmony. When all of these energies are balanced within you, you experience domestic bliss. It has become quite popular for “New Age” thinkers to choose this stone for their engagement ring to bring love and prosperity into a relationship. The nurturing energy of Emerald will calm and soothe the mind and neutralise any malice in the mental, emotional or physical body, making it an excellent choice to avoid and eradicate infection. Emerald will bring inner peace, love, and tranquillity to harmonise the external world.

JADE: Gentle Love

Gentle, loving and kind jade… if you find that you are too hard on yourself or that others take you for granted then you will love Jade. The energy that it imparts is soft, gentle, caring and kind. In China jade is revered for its ability to create longevity and it does so by instilling kindness into the wearer which also promotes prosperity. If you are not kind internally you will notice it being reflected back to you in your external world. Jade will eradicate feelings of hardship, harshness and lack. Physically jade is known to benefit the kidneys, which can be overstimulated when life is hard, and return them to a gentler frequency. Wear jade for good fortune, to attract love and promote a gentler way of being.


Romance is definitely on the cards with Peach Aventurine. This warm comforting energy will soothe away any emotional hurts or scars from the past and open you up to be able to love and live in your heart. Aventurine is prized for its ability to bring luck and success; the peach variety will also bring emotional stability and a decisive frame of mind. When you have a positive mental attitude and a compassionate heart you will attract your soul mate.  Peach Aventurine puts you in the driving seat; it will boost your self-worth, promote self-belief and put a spring in your step. It is most definitely a powerful heart cleanser.

PETALITE: Pure love

The aim of a Spiritual journey is to attain a loving mind, a loving, open heart and have the energy of joy running through our veins. Petalite will promote a deep sense of pure love, without condition or lack. It is one of the high vibrational stones that will ground Angelic consciousness into everyday reality. It heals emotional trauma, and brings a calm acceptance of who you are and the life you have chosen to live. This is an excellent crystal for healers to carry as it has the amazing ability to rid negative energy and purify stale or residue energy from healing sessions. It is a wonderful crystal to combat worry, anxiety and stress.


Often linked to maternal love Rose Quartz has to be THE stone of love. It combines the motherly energy of nurturing with the ability to be able to love the self. Men and women who have been fortunate enough to have loving parents often don’t know how to love the self (having had others to do it for them) and those who have not had the experience of loving parents are sometimes undemonstrative. Rose quartz will balance the ability to self-nurture with the ability to demonstrate love to others. Everyone loves Rose Quartz!!, Place several pieces in bath water, remove before entry and place around the side of the bath. Close your eyes and imagine the pink energy wrapping itself around you, it is the most beautiful experience, like having a cuddle with your mum…it can promote tears too. I use rough chunks and the world is always a better place afterwards.  

RUBY: Passionate Love

If the passion has gone out in your life then ruby is here to rescue you. Ruby will light your fire and attract a passionate encounter into your life, whether it is in a relationship, career or your social life, use ruby with intent and you will be flying high!! Place ruby around the bedroom to bring passion into your relationship, put ruby in the study or on a desk to bring in business opportunities or place ruby on a social event you would like to attend and watch how amazing the results are. Ruby is a vibrant fruity energy and can be calmed down with emerald if things get too intense for you. Enjoy the enthusiasm and flirty energy of this fabulous crystal.