Birthstone Turquoise

Astrological Sign Sagittarius

Crystals have their own unique personalities and as such can be associated with personality traits of a particular astrological sign. Turquoise resonates with positive aspects of Sagittarius.

Turquoise was used by Shamans to communicate with the spirits of our ancestors. They wanted to ensure that the Earth was honoured and we lived in peace and harmony with all sentient beings. Turquoise is also a very Spiritual stone but has the added ability to aid socialising, communication, cooperation skills and develop a strong inner knowing. It relaxes the wearer to feel free from any restriction they may have placed upon themselves and instils a feeling of good fortune. Turquoise has been known to shatter before allowing harm to the wearer and is exceptionally protective.

Sagittarians are often said to be truth seekers, keenly interested in philosophy and spiritual endeavours. They are adventurous, charming, sociable, curious by nature and lucky.

Theme: Enhance Prosperity with Crystals


Passion, drive, motivation, exuberance are all energies that are realised from this fiery friend. Garnet is the stone of love and will literally light your fire. It can redirect the powerful energy of anger and frustration into creative positive pursuits and once you have the right alignment there will be no stopping you. It is this life giving energy that is required to inspire, and manifest your deepest desires, (but be careful what you wish for!!) Ensure that you are aligned to your heart before taking action and then watch how you sparkle and shine. Excellent stone to alleviate depression, balance blood conditions, invoke prosperity, sincerity, honesty and passionate relationships.


Selenite was named after the Greek Goddess of the full moon, Selene. This beautiful crystal radiates light bountifully without restriction and is linked to the feminine aspect of creativity, compassion, gentleness and forgiveness. It is a wonderful emotional healer, restoring love when there is bitterness or angst present in the atmosphere or in the human energy field. Use peach selenite to create a beautiful ambiance by burning candles, the orange light is both soothing and uplifting. Alternatively you may want to encourage creativity and restore a loving environment by lighting a selenite lamp. Just wearing or carrying peach selenite will aid forgiveness, relax the nervous system, calm the body and bring out the very best in people and situations. Peach Selenite is a wonderful soothing, gentle stone.

Tigers Eye

Positive, strong, sure footed, confident and courageous are the energies realised from Tigers Eye. These are all powerful attributes that are required to make positive changes in your life. When it is time to step out of your comfort zone and hear the call of your spirit it can be quite daunting. Tigers eye will help you raise your game and acknowledge your strengths which will improve your self-confidence. The law of attraction will then create a positive, successful outcome for you. So if you are ready to reach for your full potential and shine your light out into the world this fabulous crystal will help you reach your goal.


Peridot is a peaceful cleanser and neutraliser of toxic thoughts and emotions. It has a quiet energy that is exceptionally powerful and reminds us of Mother Nature’s calm, nurturing qualities that are found within her stillness. Peridot will eradicate emotions such as jealousy, resentment, spite, bitterness, irritation, hatred and greed by restoring inner peace and tranquillity. It is also said to attract wealth, sharpen the mind and prompt an active lifestyle by totally removing lethargy from the system. Peridot is mentioned in Ancient writings as chrysolite and is believed to be a sacred stone that emits purity and morality.


I don’t know anyone who does not fall in love with Larimar!!!! It is linked to the energy of the dolphins and Atlantis and is one of the gentlest most nurturing stones I have had the privilege to work with. This aesthetically pleasing, blue stone is believed to be the stone that Edgar Cayce predicted would be found to have extraordinary healing powers. It is said that the Spiritual journey involves falling in love, unconditionally with the personality that you have chosen to experience in this lifetime. That means aligning with your heart and focussing on the beauty that is within and around you. Larimar opens you up to this magical experience. Has been used successfully to aid breast and chest problems, bi polar conditions, soothe frayed tempers, instil calmness during pregnancy and emit an “All is well in the world” feeling.


Also known as “The debtors Stone “. Iolite will raise awareness on how to clear debt, whether it is a financial debt or a feeling that you owe somebody or that someone owes you. It has been known to eliminate guilt that has been brought about by service through obligation or being indebted to. It is a wonderful crystal that will promote insight and aid prosperity by initiating a balanced perspective toward self and others. A fabulous ally to those who put others needs before them self. Iolite eliminates pain and serves to restore balance and fairness in thought, word and deed. It helps recognise the need to assume responsibility for ones actions and let go of responsibility for others. It is a truly insightful energy.

Snow Quartz

When you have listened to your heart’s desire, set your goal and decided to aim high this fabulous crystal will help you let go of the outcome. Snow quartz teaches that true love is in this very moment in time. It helps you see that you cannot find happiness by focussing on the future, you have to accept what is happening in this very moment and remain focussed on the present. The illusion of what may happen in the future is often more appealing and uplifting to the Spirit but remains just an illusion. The art to manifesting your heart’s desire into “reality” is to let go of what may happen in the future and trust that all is well. Snow Quartz will align the mind to the purest vibration, the body with relaxation and the spirit into the here and now. This is an excellent crystal for those who “try too hard to achieve”.