Astrological Sign Leo  …Birthstone Peridot

Those born under Leo will always make their presence known!!! They are full of life, enthusiastic, witty, and charming. They have a tendency to be very interesting to listen to when they speak of grandeur and luxury.  A Leo will never settle for second best, which can cause lavish spending habits as they enjoy their life of luxury. Leos are very generous, kind and openhearted people, but if they are crossed they will strike back with force. Having said that, they are not ones to hold a grudge and easily forgive, forget and move on. Peridot resonates with the energy of this sign by generating feelings of loyalty, forgiveness and an openhearted nature. It is also renowned for its ability to dissolve criticism, misery, spite and judgemental attitudes that may lead to problems within the abdomen area. Connecting to the loving energy of Peridot is sure to lighten the load, uplift your spirits and increase your energy levels.

August: Love and Lightness

Ammonite: Natural Rhythm of life

Although ammonite is a fossil and technically not a crystal, it has a wonderful energy with a lot to teach us. The spiral pattern formation of ammonite is a message in itself from the Universe.  It helps you to recognise and connect to the natural rotational energy flow, or life force, that is present within all things. When connecting to the vibration of ammonite you will notice yourself gently returning to a natural, harmonious rhythm of life, whether this means slowing down or speeding up your metabolic rate. Ammonite is therefore good for the circulatory system and will also balance hormones, bringing harmony to the mental and emotional aspects of your being. Used in meditation ammonite can expand your awareness far out into the cosmos to experience a limitless mental perception or take you deep within yourself to connect to your inner world. It has also been used successfully to shift awareness into the past to aid ancestral reprogramming or into the future to gain wisdom and advice from your future self. All experiences of awareness being attainable and very “real” in the here and now! A serene inner stillness can be achieved from this amazing fossil.

Opal: Relaxing into the experiences of life

Opal is a real gem when it comes to purifying sadness; it has a nurturing energy that will gently dry your tears and lovingly reassure you that all is well. When the energies of grief, sadness or misery make themselves known to you it can be difficult to allow this type of energy to flow freely through your body. Many of us have a tendency to “try to be strong,” for whatever reason, or paint a smile on our faces to hide the reality of these powerful emotions. Opal will soothe your nerves and help you to “allow” your soul to have the full experience that misery, grief and sadness have to offer. Opal will “hold your hand” whilst you surrender into these feelings and allow yourself to truly acknowledge them and then be willing to let them go. When misery, grief or sadness is supressed over a long period of time it can manifest imbalances and dis-ease in the lower abdomen, lungs, heart and large intestine. Opal instils a sense of trust and faith to relax into the natural flow of emotions that life experiences bring to us, thereby creating a safe, secure sense of wellbeing.

Tanzanite Aura: Bliss

This crystal will show you what can be achieved when you become an observer of life and detach from the lower frequencies and dramas that life can present. It takes your mind into the purer, higher states of consciousness that will release attachment to outcome and anchor awareness in the here and now. However to attain these purer states of being often requires you to release any anxieties and insecurities that you may be holding on to. The violet light in the Tanzanite Aura will enable the seeker of knowledge to enquire within them self to find any imbalance impeding their journey to health, wealth and happiness. This may bring to the surface emotion and memories of life experiences that have created the imbalance, ready to be released. Approaching this from a “detached “observer” level of awareness will make the cleansing and purification process much easier to achieve.

Flint: Soothes away the rough edges

We all have life challenges to face, however some experiences can scar us deeper than others and often leave us with “rough edges”. Flint has a passive energy that will calm and soothe emotional hurt and mental trauma leaving us feeling more comfortable inside our own body. Emotional and mental scars can be just as painful as physical ones but when you connect to the energy of flint it has the ability to light an inner fire of inspiration that will take focus away from the damage and on to new life. Flint also provides patience and a deep inner sense of stillness and peace - just holding and stroking flint in your hand will quickly soothe away and calm anxiety. It is a grounding stone that will not leave you feeling flat and has been used with success on the liver and regenerating healthy skin and tissue growth.

Ajoite: Beauty and Openness

 Ajoite awakens the Kundalini energy and gently calls you to recognise your inner joy. It relaxes and releases tension in the mind to enable you to listen and recognise internally to what makes you “light up”. This beautiful crystal aligns your mental status to a “witness” level of awareness thereby initiating a detachment from lower frequencies that may be holding you back in life. Whilst working with this high vibration crystal some people have reported a fluttering sensation within the heart. This can happen when Ajoite gently re-opens and adjusts the heart frequency to that of Divine light, which of course is unconditional love, compassion and joy. It is as if Ajoite has the ability to gently jump start a closed heart and reset the mind to synchronise with the intelligence of the heart.

Covellite: Mystery of Life

Having a naturally inquisitive nature I instantly felt a strong connection to the covellite crystal. The display of iridescent blue has an “electric” appearance to it that immediately draws you in visually to the depth of its colour. The feeling that it raised was one of wonder and mystery that I connected to the Universe due to its resemblance in colour. Primarily it works on the third eye, tempting, tantalising and intriguing you to look deeper into life, the self and all the mysteries of the world in which we live. It opens the mind to realise how little we know and helps us to accept the limitations imposed upon the human level of understanding. This interesting crystal will be a big hit with all the budding philosophers; it will enhance psychic communication and connect the enquirer to the deeper resonance of wisdom & truth that is only available within oneself. I loved it!!

Phenacite: Out of this world

Phenacite has been said to be the highest vibration on the planet and I have to admit I found it to be one of the highest vibrations that I have experienced up to now. I certainly would suggest that you use grounding crystals either whilst or immediately after working with it as it can leave you feeling quite spaced out.  Phenacite will expand your awareness to reach the purer, outer rings of consciousness.  After 30 years of connecting to and sensing the energy of crystals I have come to realise that perception shapes your reality and crystals change your perception. Phenacite can take you right “out there” to feel euphoric and reach loving beautiful realms of thought and emotion that are not always possible to sustain in everyday life. The experience can remind you what unconditional love feels like and help you remember why you incarnated, what your loving purpose for being here is. However please bear in mind that when you tune in to this fabulous crystal the Universe is all about balance and over exposure to this energy may leave you feeling down afterwards when you come back to Earth.  The energy is incredible and used with awareness leaves you feeling on top of this world.