Agate Lamps

Rockshop Wholesale takes the quality and safety of its electrical lamp leads very seriously and tests all its electrical products.

Rockshop Wholesale lamp leads are fitted with a 3 amp fuse, BS1363/A (this is the lowest fuse rating for a lamp, any issues at all and this will blow first within the moulded plug).

The lead and rocker switch is checked for correct installation and safety, the bulb holder is fitted with Rockshop Wholesale label for correct bulb type.

ASTA licence No 930 (covers the fused plug to standards BS 1363-1 1995 + A4: 2012 incorporating Corrigendum no 1. Issue date 1/12/2008 review date 31/12/2018) ENEC, VDE and CE rocker switch.

Any issues arising from our current lead or switch would result in the fuse blowing in the first instance. The plug is moulded so cannot be rewired and the only access is to the fuse.

We batch test all new cables as they arrive at Rockshop Wholesale before we start selling to check quality control and safety.


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