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Our Stickers Explained!

Our Stickers Explained!

Our OFFERS section is full of wholesale products at even better prices. Whilst browsing the many tumblestones, crystals, fossils, jewellery items, holistic products, polished products, ready to retail items and hardware products you will notice our stickers and you might be wondering what they mean, here's an explanation!

this sticker means that if you have earned a customer discount with us (see Terms & Condtions) then this will be deducted during checkout for this product.  Not all items are eligible for customer discount such as NETT items, items in our sale or clearance items as these items are already at our lowest possible price.

These sticker means this item is currently advertised at a reduced price so grab it quick before it returns to normal price.  No customer discounts will be applied to these items as they are already reduced.

this sticker means that once our stock is gone - it's gone!  As the product is already at our lowest possible price, no further discounts can be applied to that item.   If you have earned a customer discount, unfortunately this won't be applied when you buy a clearance Item.  We don't generally re-order our clearance products but if there's an item you want us to continue, contact us and we will look into sourcing it for you. 

Because Rockshop Wholesale buys in bulk from source it is able to offer rewholesale bulk offers. These products are offered as Bulk-Buy products; the more you buy, the better the price you pay, the more you save. To see the Bulk Offer click open an individual product, then click open the drop down to see the available wholesale bulk prices. Some bulk items still attract customer discount while others don't. Look out for the 'Discount Available' sticker.

By clicking on a sticker you can see every single product within that particular offer.  This is a great way to quickly find all the current sale items for example.

Any questions? Just contact us and we will be more than happy to help.