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The list below is intended to help you understand some of the terms which feature throughout the website and within the trade in general:

DT – Double Terminated (a peculiar crystal formation with points at both ends)

Geode – A lava 'bubble' or 'cave' lined with crystals

Druzy/Cluster – A cluster of crystal points

Matrix – The rock 'background' on which crystals grow. Can be the same rock or crystal or a completely different rock type

Mineral – One identifiable species of rock

MOP – Mother of Pearl

Point – A single, natural or synthetic crystal with a termination or 'point'

Pol – Polished

Rough Rock – Generally a homogenous (single type) of mineral which when broken, reveals all similar pieces of colour, pattern and structure

Sp. – Species

STS – Sterling Silver

Tumblestone – A gemstone which has been 'tumble polished' to resemble a beach pebble and enhance its appeal

(10 Pieces) – Minimum order pack quantity