Macedonian Green Opal/Chrysoprase 2.5-3" (1 Piece)

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The mineraloid Opal is amorphous hydrated silicon dioxide. Opal contains water in its structure sometimes as much as 20%. Opal ranges from colourless through white milky blue grey red pink yellow green brown and black. About 95% of the World's Opal comes from Sothern Australia though some pink opal is from Peru.

Chrysoprase (also Chrysophrase) is a gemstone variety of chalcedony (fibrous form of quartz) that contains small quantities of nickel. Its colour is normally apple-green but varies to deep green. Due to its comparative scarcity and pleasing green colour Chrysoprase is one of the most prised varieties of quartz.

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Product Info Item Number: 7400 23 98 Catalogue Code: RR
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